Article Type: Case Reports
Recognition of Asperger’s Syndrome in adolescent patient with bipolar disorder: a case report
Serap Oflaz, Hasan Bozkurt, Hülya Güveli, Sevda Gümüş
Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by impairment in social interaction and restricted repetitive behaviors or interests. This disorder is rarely recognized in adolescence or adulthood especially because of unawareness for AS among clinicians and the confounding effects of the comorbid psychiatric conditions. Diagnosing this neurodevelopmental disorder is critical for optimal treatment approaches. Here we present a seventeen-year-old boy with bipolar disorder and late-diagnosed AS.

Key words: Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder, adolescence
Journal of Mood Disorders (JMOOD) 2014;4(3):130-2
Online ISSN: 2636-834X
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