Article Type: Case Reports
Olanzapine Induced Hair Loss in an Adolescent Case
Sabide Duygu Uygun

Drug induced alopecia is a reversible side effect of psychopharmacological treatments. Diffuse hair loss occurs with use of antipsychotics more rarely than mood stabilizers shown to be related to alopecia. In the literature, there is only one case report presenting an atypical antipsychotic “quetiapine” induced hair loss during adolescence when individuals are more sensitive to undesirable effects of drugs. Olanzapine, a safe and well tolerated atypical antipsychotic, is prescribed in child and adolescent psychiatry clinics. Alopecia may not be described by children and adolescents, but clinicians should be aware of this problem that may lead to impair compliance with treatment. In the report, an adolescent case of alopecia related to use of olanzapine that recovered after cessation of the drug is presented.


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Key words: Adolescent, alopecia, olanzapine
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2019;9(4):192-194
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