Article Type: Original Research
Online Social Network Sites Usage and Impression Management of Adolescents and Relationship with Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Hatice Gozde Akkin Gurbuz, Safak Eray, Zeynep Seda Albayrak, Muhammed Tayyib Kadak
Objective: In recent years, almost all youths go online on social network sites (SNSs) practically every day. Online social networks may be considered a connection between the inner lives of adolescents and the outside world. On the other hand, how young people with mental difficulties use online social networks has attracted the attention of researchers in recent years. In this study, we aimed to investigate habits and durations of social network usage of adolescents, impression management on SNS and its relation to adolescent psychopathological features.
Methods: The population of our study consisted of 374 adolescents who were selected randomly from different neighborhoods in Istanbul that represent different socioeconomic levels. Participants were evaluated with Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire and Online Social Networking Questionnaire.
Results: It was found that behavioral problems, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (p <0.001) and peer problems (p = 0.003) increased with the time spent on SNS. Three quarter of adolescents have said that they care comments on their posts made by their friends. There is a relationship between behavioral and emotional problems and adolescents’ impression on SNSs.
Conclusion: Our study found that adolescents’ behavior on social networks is related to their psychopathological symptoms. The expression of young people’s behaviors or  thoughts/emotions at SNS and perception the impression of themselves may provide information on the mental states of them.

Key words: Adolescents, Mental Health, Behavior, Social Network Sites
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2020;10(3):148-154
Online ISSN: 2636-834X
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