Article Type: Case Reports
Skin Picking Disorder in Childhood: Report of an Early-Onset Case
Tugba Yuksel, Esra Sizer
Herein we present a 2 year-old girl with skin picking disorder and well responded to antipsychotic treatment. Skin picking behaviors were almost completely subsided under treatment. Our patient was too young that prohibits starting most of antipsychotic drugs. There are several case reports and survey studies about skin picking behavior. Our case contributes to the literature in terms of early age of onset and well respond to risperidone treatment in skin picking disorder. We think that our case would give an idea in the treatment of early onset skin picking disorders.

Key words: Skin Picking Disorder, Childhood, Antipsychotic Medication
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 2020;10(3):164-167
Online ISSN: 2636-834X
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