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Neurological side effects of lithium

Selçuk Özdin, Gökhan Sarısoy.

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Lithium began being widely used in bipolar disorder thanks to the work of the Australian scientist John Cade in the late 1940s. Although its narrow therapeutic range restricts its use, it is one of the most important drugs in the treatment of bipolar disorder. Intoxication is frequently encountered due to its narrow therapeutic range. Various side-effects involving the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, dermatological, endocrinological and neurological systems may develop with lithium use. Neurological side-effects are frequently observed in both intoxication and at normal serum levels. Neurological side-effects are one of the common but little known consequences of lithium therapy. Neurological side-effects represent a major problem in terms of patients’ drug compliance. The purpose of this study was to review common and rare neurological side-effects associated with lithium use or intoxication.

Key words: lithium, neurological, side-effect

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